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A Guide To Creating DIY Logos

Small business owners can relate to the need to save money in their businesses. Most of these businesses are beginning to make their logo in a bid to save money. Creating logos does not have to be a very complicated thing. There are some simple tips that can guide you as design a logo for your small businesses. From this article we will see some of the tips that you can use for your logo making.

First and foremost, there is a serious need for you to know what your business is about so that you can sell your brand in the logo. Logos use graphics and texts to communicate what a business is into. It is no secret that designing a logo when you do not know the brand of your business will be extremely challenging. It is thus advisable to have a good knowledge of your brand before you make a logo.

You can have a simple logo showing what you deal in. For our example, we could use wedding cakes businesses. There are some of the wedding cake businesses that have decided to have a logo that is very straightforward by only putting the business name and an image of a wedding cake; this enables those who see the logo to know that it is a wedding cake business immediately.

There are other options for those who do not want images in their logo, and one of the options is the text-only logo. You will be surprised at how effective these logos are. It all comes down to the graphics of the logo. It needs to have texts that of the right size, and font so that it can be easily read. The font can be used to communicate the brand of the business such that if you have a business that is linked with elegance the fonts used should be elegant. Normally, when text-only logos are made they only include the name of the business.

Do not underestimate the significance of color in the creation of a good DIY logo. You need to have a logo that has not more than three colors. When you keep the colors to a minimum, you will benefit from the use of color to captivate onlookers without unnecessarily tiring the brain with too many colors. A logo with too many colors is busy-looking hence confusing to the eye. Besides if your logo has many colors printing becomes very costly because each color is charged differently especially in sports teams where the logo has to be printed on many items.

These tips will get you started as you make your DIY logo.